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We are a full service orthodontic practice providing quality care for children, teenagers and adults. We enjoy working together with our patients to decide on the right treatment option best suited to their needs. Our treatments include:

Interceptive/Early Treatment for Young Children

In majority of cases, definitive orthodontic treatment is commenced when most or all of the permanent teeth have erupted. However, early treatment may sometimes be required in younger children. In these special situations, interceptive treatment carried out with removable appliances at the correct time may save the child from a more complicated treatment at later stage.

Combined Orthodontic-Orthognathic Surgical Treatment

The bad bite or “malocclusion” may sometimes be caused by dishmarmony between the jaw size and/or position. A combined approach of orthodontic treatment with orthognathic  surgery (jaw surgery) may be required to achieve the ideal result both functionally and aesthetically.

Braces and Aesthetic Orthodontics

Here at The OC, we not only offer traditional metal and self-ligating brackets, the following aesthetic options for braces are available too:

  • Ceramic braces – Tooth coloured brackets made from composite material with steel wires running through.
  • Invisible aligners – InvisalignTM is  the company behind computer-fabricated plastic aligners made by Align Technologies. Treatment consists of several plastic trays custom made for you, which look virtually invisible.
  • Clear brackets, clear wires –SimpliclearTM offers ceramic brackets with clear plastic tooth coloured wires. It is new in the market and has been gaining popularity.
  • Lingual braces – Brackets and wires are placed behind your teeth.