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Radiofrequency and treatment effects:

It’s one of the modern devices y which receiving skin radio

Frequency to heat the collagen and protein

Compositional located in the deep layers of the skin

Which helps build and contract collagen

Which in turn pulls the appearance of the surface of the skin

The outer layer of the skin is called while the deeper layers

of skin and fat are heated to induce collagen and tighten building .

Session duration :

It takes from 30-40 minutes depending on the size and condition

of the treated area and the situation

Almost need 4-6 sessions according to the

response rate one session per month .

Advantages of the technology :

– this technique is effective and safe at the same time .

– Women do not need for a rest after the sessions , they can work practicing immediately .

– doesn’t leave side effects .

– suitable for all skin types light and dark .

– doesn’t leave scars or residual stitching .

Cases of treatment :

– wrinkles .

– acne scars and active acne .