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Plasma treatment

Plasma treatment

– The newest way to treat skin rejuvenation from the blood of the same person.

– The best way to improve skin and filling .

– Great results from the first session and for so long.

– Where there is no foreign material it is the blood of  the same person.

– No complications.

– This depends on the components of the treatment platelet-rich plasma in human blood, which is injected into the skin after separated from the other blood components with special device.

* Platelets and plasma contain many of the components of catalysts to stimulate the skin and stimulate collagen production and stimulate blood circulation and improve the quality of the skin, which helps to treat tear trough  under the eyes and treat flacid skin and wrinkles and give brightness  and high vitality .

This method is wonderful that rely on 100% natural ingredients are not new but have been used in medicine for many years in bone surgery, dentistry and tissue culture and in many other medical fields.

Plasma use cases:

1 – surface wrinkles on the face and hand, as well as fine lines  wrinkles .

2 – cases of hair loss.

3 – alleviate dark circles around the eye.

The rejuvenation  of the skin to a person needs 3 consecutive sessions 4 weeks interval between sessions.

– Side effects:

After making the session edema occurring in the face does not last more than 12-24 hours and show results within 2-3 weeks of the session, the time needed to stimulate natural collagen.

The results vary from person to person, according to the abundance and quality of platelets in the blood.

Finally, it is noteworthy that this technique cannot be used for alcohol or injecting patients with a decrease in the number of platelets.